AI and the IRS

The IRS has a massive volume of tax returns and financial data to analyze each year, making it impractical to manually review every single return for potential issues or discrepancies. AI and machine learning techniques allow the IRS to efficiently sift through this vast amount of data and identify high-risk returns or areas that warrant … Read more

The AI and the Poet

The concept of leveraging artificial intelligence for artistic pursuits like poetry may seem paradoxical at first glance. How could cold, dispassionate algorithms possibly augment one of the most deeply human forms of emotional and creative expression? However, modern AI language models present opportunities for poets to expand their creative horizons in novel ways. Rather than … Read more

US Department of Labor AI Guidelines

The US Department of Labor has issued a Field Assistance Bulletin on Artificial Intelligence and Automated Systems in the Workplace under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Other Federal Labor Standards. The key points in the Bulletin are as follows: In summary, the Field Assistance Bulletin emphasizes that employers cannot abdicate their responsibilities under federal … Read more

AI: Building the Better Mousetrap

Artificial intelligence may seem like an overly complex tool to bring to bear on something like redesigning a paper clip or mousetrap. However, the capabilities of modern AI make it well-suited for this type of product optimization challenge. At its core, AI excels at identifying patterns in data, generating novel ideas based on those patterns … Read more

AI: Large Language Models

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, a new breed of language technology is creating massive waves – large language models or LLMs. These cutting-edge AI systems are redefining the boundaries of what’s possible with machine-generated text. At their core, LLMs utilize machine learning techniques like transformers and self-attention mechanisms to analyze astronomical amounts … Read more