Space Force Trademark

The U.S. military apparently needs an intellectual property lawyer.

Although the United States Space Force, the newest branch of the U.S. armed forces was announced two years ago, no one bothered to register the trademark. Well, that’s not quite accurate.

The U.S. did apply to use the name ‘Space Force’ on clothing, two months after Netflix greenlighted its Space Force series and applied for a trademark for the name. Netflix reportedly has already secured trademark rights in Europe, Australia, and parts of North America for ‘Space Force’.

The U.S. military and Netflix can probably share the name without a hitch. After all, they clearly operate in different areas. However, should Netflix decide to sell Space Force swag, the U.S. will probably not be able to stop it.

And let’s not get started with the Starfleet logo. That’s a whole different kettle of gagh.

Alan N. Walter