Limerick: Shhh

• A profusion of classified documents was found • • In Uncle Joe’s house and The Donald’s compound • • Forty Five had the gall • • And Forty Six played ball • • Boy, there sure are a lot of top secrets floating around •

Forming an LLC? Why not an S Corp?

Founders may form many types of entities, including partnerships and regular corporations (C Corps), but two of the most popular types are limited liability companies (LLCs) and Subchapter S corporations (S Corps). Generally speaking, LLCs and S Corps are entities that allow profits and losses to be passed through to the owners of the entity, … Read more

Limerick: George Santos

There was a young man called George Santos / Whose life was a series of scant hopes / Thought he, “nothing can beat / A congressional seat” / So he lied and he lied, and he lied and he lied, and he lied and he lied, to the utmost