The AI and the Poet

The concept of leveraging artificial intelligence for artistic pursuits like poetry may seem paradoxical at first glance. How could cold, dispassionate algorithms possibly augment one of the most deeply human forms of emotional and creative expression? However, modern AI language models present opportunities for poets to expand their creative horizons in novel ways. Rather than … Read more

A Sonnet on AI Bias by Claude AI

The data trails we leave each dayContain our joys, beliefs, errors of the past.The systems trained on such displayBiases that within were cast. Imprints of preconception live on,As algorithms crunch through unfeeling bits.Creating models that still drawnTo the prejudices found in it. They mirror latent flaws back to us,Mathematizing the biases we’ve made.Garbage in begets … Read more

Limerick: Shhh

• A profusion of classified documents was found • • In Uncle Joe’s house and The Donald’s compound • • Forty Five had the gall • • And Forty Six played ball • • Boy, there sure are a lot of top secrets floating around •

Limerick: George Santos

There was a young man called George Santos / Whose life was a series of scant hopes / Thought he, “nothing can beat / A congressional seat” / So he lied and he lied, and he lied and he lied, and he lied and he lied, to the utmost