New Jersey’s Comprehensive Privacy Law

New Jersey has establishing itself as a privacy trailblazer. On January 16th, Governor Phil Murphy signed the state’s first comprehensive consumer data privacy law into effect. With this new Act, New Jersey becomes the 13th state with an omnibus privacy statute and the first to pass such a law in 2024. The New Jersey privacy … Read more

AI Governance Policy for US Agencies

On March 28, 2024, the White House moved to ensure the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence across the federal government. Vice President Kamala Harris announced the Office of Management and Budget issuance of the first-ever government-wide policy framework to mitigate the risks and harness the benefits of AI systems deployed by federal agencies. … Read more

Warranties and Guaranties

When it comes to purchases and financial transactions, you’ve likely heard the terms “warranty” and “guaranty” thrown around. While they both provide a form of protection or assurance, there are distinct differences between the two. What is a Warranty? A warranty is essentially a promise made by a manufacturer or seller about the performance, quality, … Read more

AI in Legal Writing: Hallucinations and other Risks

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making inroads into various industries and the legal field is no exception. With the advent of powerful language models like ChatGPT, the prospect of using AI to assist in drafting legal briefs is a tantalizing possibility. However, as with any new technology, there are significant risks associated with the use … Read more